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The Thayer Hotel, and also wanted to share a few things that we have started doing in response to parents requesting from us to have other healthy dining options for their cadets. 

  • Zulu Time and MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant- Cadet Privileges
    • Cadets are allowed to come dine at MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant and Zulu Time. They always have been, but now more than ever, they are looking for ways to “get away” from West Point, and these two locations have a very different feel.
    • Cadets are permitted to drink up to 4 glasses of beer or wine per night at Zulu Time or MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant (just like the other locations on West Point, based on class privileges and being over 21).
    • Reservations are Required: 845-446-4731, Ext 7929.
    • Your Cadet’s safety, and the safety of all of our patrons, is our top priority.  For more information about our Safe Dining Protocols that are in line with the West Point Department of Public Health, NY State Guidelines, CDC and American Hospitality and Lodging Association, please click here: ;
  • We now Deliver to Cadets! In response to requests from West Point Parents, we have started a Food Delivery to Cadets!  All specials are posted on this website:
    • Family Style Meals for 4 delivered to Grant Turn Around. $50 meals that feed four ($54.07 with tax). Order can be placed in advance, day of orders must be placed by 2pm.  Cadet meals are available for delivery to Grant Turnaround with delivery time of 5pm or 6pm.  Receive 10% off your order when you call in 2 or more orders at once (can be for different days) – you must order over the phone to receive the discount.  You can order online or at 845-446-4731, Ext 7929.  I have attached the September and October Menus.
    • A la Carte Delivery. Cadet A La Carte Menu (see attached, also available on the website), available 7 days a week. Deliveries can be made to Grant Turnaround at 5 pm, 6 pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.  Last order taken at 8:15 pm.  Call 845-446-4731, Ext 7929 to place an order.
  • Gift Cards (with virtual delivery option, that you can email to your cadet, and reload). A lot of parents have asked us for this! YES! You can order a gift card online or call 845-446-4731, Ext 0: – Gift Cards can be used by your cadet for food delivery to Grant Turn around or in our restaurants!
  • Hotel Reservations.  We are still taking reservations for your upcoming visits, but are sensitive to what is going on with access to West Point and the ability to see your cadets.  If you have hotel reservations for a football game, Ring Weekend or Parents Weekend and would like to cancel your reservation, please give us a call or email our friendly reservations team at 845-446-4731, Ext 1; or (please note a good time and number for us to reach you if you email, because if we need to return a deposit, we need to chat with you to confirm identity before we can issue refund).  As always, if illness or COVID-19 is preventing you from traveling, please let us know so that we can cancel your reservation and refund you. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime at 480-221-4941. You can share my number and email address with the members of your WPPC!

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